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Blog #58 - Patient Commitment - how can I influence this in a consult?

Ever wondered how an influencer manages to gather a following of 10K? Ever wondered what the secret is to getting our patient's to commit to our treatment plans and fulfil treatment outcomes to the end?

It is called the Charisma Myth.

Some people automatically have this trait in their personality and hence don't need to try too hard in this category, but many need to flex this charisma muscle to strengthen the impact.

How can you be charismatic? Here are some tips to influence your clients for success:

  1. Be present

Have you ever been in a conversation we someone that didn't seem present in the exchange? They felt like they were thinking about something else or were looking for something else?

In a society of distractions, be present. This means that if you want to build trust in your clients and build a relationship early for successful rehab outcomes - be present in the conversation.

Don't think about your last client or your next client. Don't stare at your computer screen taking notes.

Being present means, sitting down face to face with your client and really taking in everything they have to say. Interpreting what you are hearing and responding in a relevant manner to the conversation. This is what every patient wants, your undivided attention. You may feel you are already doing this, but reassess in your next consult that you are walking the walk and really immersing yourself in your patient's conversation.

2. Clarify

To clarify what has been said to you from your patient is reassuring for both parties. You can confirm you heard correctly and your patient feels comforted that you know the problem at hand. To clarify means you understand. If you can not summarise and clarify your patients concerns, means you have not listened intently.

Communication is not about saying what you think.

Communication is about ensuring others hear what we mean Simon Sinek

3. Invest in your clients

Clients want to know they are in the right place with the right person that can help them. Asking a patient what they want to achieve is vital to the relationship. What you want to achieve by EBP and what a client wants to achieve may be very different. Finding out if there is a difference, what it is and working together is key to gaining trust. A patient will not always walk into a cubicle and be submissive to your plan. In private practice, many clients, want a say in their care and how it is done. It is our job to work with them to achieve their goals and mould a mindset for success, change, motivation whilst being results driven. It is a two way street. Not your way or the highway, those times are gone.


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