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Blog #53 - Burn Out - Strategies for Graduates and Business Owners

Is the words 'Burn Out' being mentioned in your clinic??

As a graduate do you know what burn out is? Do you think you are in a burn out stage? Burn out is the words that we all dread to hear as a business owner and it keeps us awake at night. We toss and turn trying to get the balance right for the team and still maintain a viable, sustainable business. Mentoring many graduates over the years, this is not an uncommon topic that I am faced with during our mentorship and I feel as a business owner, I have been down this path myself. I always had questions about burn out, like;

  • Is it time related? Can you only burn out if you do more than a standard week?

  • Why is it so common? and why does it force some good physios to leave the profession.

  • Are we as business owners at fault?

  • Is their strategies to get back to finding the joy of why we got into doing physio in the first place?

I went searching for the answers and in my quest I found a physio that is making it her purpose to assist us to climb back out of the pit of burn out and love what we do again. We are so lucky this month to have, Tracy Secombe from Soul Pleaser as a guest to offer a 4 part series on the following: - what is burn out and why do physios suffer so much? - what are the stages and symptoms to recognise in yourself and your team - what are some tips and tricks for physios to use - what can business owners and grads do together to improve the situation? This 4 part audio/ video series will be exclusively on our Graduate Learning Portal, but becuase you have taken the time to visit this blog, this offer is for you now.

For those that access the series you will hear Tracy offer a free 7 day calmness challenge. This commences on the 21st June, so get in quick to register, she will have limited spaces available as you work one-on-one with her. She will be running more of these in the future, so stay tuned.

I strongly recommend you as a graduate take this opportunity and if you are a business owner, you should sign up your team. I know I did. The more strategies we all have to work with the better equipped we are to manage our emotions and reactions. Interviewing Tracy was enlightening and set the record straight for myself. I had misconceptions that I was able to abolish and work towards assisting my team and other graduates to have strategies to cope and love the job of physio for a long, happy career. Wish we were taught this at uni!!

FREE Calmness Challenge LINK

Listen HERE to the Series 1 Audio with Tracy on Burn Out and why physios are suffering so much.


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