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Blog #38 - Management Plans for Graduates in Private Practice

Checklists, Management Plans, Start Up Plans.

No matter what you want to call it, a graduate starting in private practice needs a clear plan of action of how you would like them to complete the process of patient management within your clinic.

Each clinic creates a different client experience and this may be your clinics defining selling point and attraction for clients, therefore teaching that plan of action to your graduate and having it consistently adhered to will give them the best start to their career in your business.

Most Management Plans detail a process or procedure for managing a client from initial consultation to discharge from the clinic. You are not detailing how you want your graduate to clinically manage a client, although in the early stages of their learning they will rely heavily on you as a mentor to guide them on this journey.

We are talking about the checklist that gets ticked off with each client that enters and leaves the clinic. Just as a pilot, no matter what experience level has a start up checklist to follow to be sure nothing is missed. A graduate needs to learn client management for private practice.

Here is how we suggest you do it!

1. Initial Consultation Patient Clinical Information

A template that the patient fills out in the waiting room to give a graduate some initial information about their presenting client's condition is the first step in the process of creating a calm graduate for private practice.

This form is then given to the graduate prior to the consultation to review and familiarise with (google quickly) assessments/ treatment options prior to facing a client in rooms.

2. Patient Education Handout/ Brochure

Graduates really struggle with deciding on a diagnosis for their patients and therefore fluff around the subject and the patient does not feel like they have an answer to their condition.

Making a graduate commit to a diagnosis, time frames for recovery and education of their condition is a huge part of patient compliance.

No patient should leave an initial consult without having their questions answered and know what is wrong with them and be able to explain it to someone else correctly.

3. Patient Scheduling Sheet

Follow up consults require Patient Scheduling Sheets for patient and therapist commitment. This makes a graduate consider a plan of return visits and discuss these with the patient.

This minimises cancellations in the clinic significantly when implemented as a non negotiable process.

4. Follow Up Phone Calls

Courtesy phone calls are a nice touch for your patients to feel like a VIP at your clinic. Most graduates feel like they are stalking their clients, but we teach them to treat it like you were ringing a family member or friend to check on them.

When was the last time your doctor called on you to check on you?

If they did would you be grateful for this service? I think so.

In the world of 5 minute medicine, it is unreal to think that a health professional would take the time to call you to check on your progress.

It is all about a mindset change.

*If you are looking for more 'Done For You' resources like these.

Visit our Physiomentor Graduate Learning Portal.

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