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Blog #33 - How do I know when to progress my patient's exercises?

This can be a tough decision for graduates and we often see two very different types of graduates in private practice.

Graduate A.

Is so cautious to ever progress exercises and becomes very focused on the patient getting the technique absolutely perfected before they ever move on with exercise progression e.g. TrA Training. This can stagnate a client's perception of improvement and achievement and often a client can be lost in boredom because they continue to do the same exercises for such a long period of time without success.

Graduate B.

This graduate often jumps forwards and progresses their client's exercises way too quickly which can result in a flare up in their injury/condition or pain. It is then very difficult for this graduate to get this client back on-board with wanting to continue exercises once they associate exercises with a painful flare up.

Below is a video made especially for this blog to give some insight into how physiotherapists decide when to progress.

Viewing Time approx. 2 mins

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