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Blog #32- Know All About Your Client

Life can get busy in private practice but we must always remember that each patient needs to be treated like they are the most important person on our list for the day and not just another patient in your schedule.

I have seen some graduate physiotherapists, come out to the waiting room to get their patients and call them by the wrong name then get them in the cubicle and ask the patient to remember what they did for treatment last week or worse still what their condition/injury is again.

This is not very comforting for a patient and all confidence is often lost at this point.

Take 5 minutes prior to the consultation to review your patient's notes. Make sure you know the basics:

- Name or preferred name.

- Injury/ Condition

- Last Treatment

- Exercises Prescribed

This is not just a problem for graduates but some senior clinicians also do this and it has a negative impact on a patient's confidence in the therapist. It makes them feel like they are just another number on the list and you have not taken the time to remember them, their condition, last sessions treatment etc. This is a common problem and can impact KPI's dramatically. We created this video to cover this topic and the top points to review prior to greeting your patient in the waiting room.

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