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Blog # 27- Time Management Diary for Graduates.

This year at Physiomentor we implemented our Time Management Diaries into our Graduate Development Program. The results were unreal and I want to share them with you and why you should be doing the same with your graduate.

One of the biggest struggles graduates have when they start in a private practice environment is all the new procedures and processes they need to complete and keep up to date with starting day 1. These can include requesting further treatment sessions from Work Cover case managers, making follow up phone calls to clients, writing follow up reports to GP's etc.

It can be overwhelming and often things are missed or forgotten in the midst of also trying to keep up with a clinical caseload. The diary creates a habit of list making for your graduates to not forget any of these processes in the early stages of learning to be a private practitioner. Until they get in the groove, I suggest they use a diary to list make their jobs for the day and prioritise what needs to be done first.

This is also an opportunity to list their caseload they may be having difficulty with so that when you sit down for your mentoring sessions, no time is wasted on searching who they would like to discuss. Your mentoring time is valuable and if your graduate can be focused and prepared with all the information they would like to discuss in these sessions, it makes your allocated mentoring time so much more valuable and productive.

Use the rule of 3 when graduates are creating a list for the day. Encourage them to list the 3 top priorities they must achieve for the day in order to leave work with a clear head and feeling of accomplishment. When a graduate can see that they are gaining traction with their learning and growth they will continue to remain motivated and upbeat.

A simple implementation to add to your graduate training, but one that has made a real difference for our graduates. Try it today, it is not too late.

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