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Blog # 26 PD Courses Recommended for Graduates by Private Practice Owners.

New grads are keen as mustard to start completing some PD courses from Day 1.

Here is my professional recommendation to you as a business owner. You may have a PD allowance for your new grad to utilise but it really is at your best judgement in their first year as to what will be valuable to them and also your business.

There is no value in you paying for a course that will not be beneficial to your business and clientele.

I would highly recommend that in the first 6 months a graduate only completes necessary courses that you require staff to have to work with the clientele in your business. This may be dry needling, pilates, Jobfit etc.

In their first 6 months they should be taking this time to get familiar with your business and also brush up and perfect their grounding knowledge and skills. After 6 months, then I would be suggesting courses that would be valuable for a new grad to complete.

The following courses have been recommended after a survey and feedback from private practice owners. This list is in no particular order and is not a paid promotion:

McKenzie Part A & B

Polestar Pilates

Mulligan Upper & Lower Quarter

Spinal Synergy – Pelvis/SIJ

APA Sports Level 1

APA Spinal Level 1

Dry Needling Level 1 & 2

Lyn Watson Shoulder Courses Level 1 & 2

If you feel there is a course that did not make our 2018 list and should be on there. Please email us at

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