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Blog #15 What Does MasterChef & Physiomentor have in Common?

I was watching MasterChef the other night on TV and I realised how basically it was a mentoring program for home cooks wanting to advance their careers.

There are many points about how the show is run that have significant similarities to how we run the PhysioMentor program.

1. Each mentor on MasterChef does not claim to be an expert in any one particular area but have had enough experience in the cooking world to help, coach and encourage the skills of an amateur cook to progress through the ranks of the show.

At PhysioMentor, we do not claim to know it all when it comes to private practices and musculoskeletal knowledge, but what we do offer is the experience of having been there and done that – being private practice business owners ourselves we know the common frustrations we all experience when taking on a new graduate and we have developed a ‘done for you’ structured program with the essential business and clinical knowledge and skills required to train your graduate for success in private practice.

2. Each cook does things their own way and chooses what he or she will cook for the mentors and each are given feedback based on the individual dish they present.

We strongly believe in order to mentor a graduate to success in private practice you must provide individual feedback on their caseload they are experiencing in order to develop their clinical reasoning skills. Completing a generalised discussion about a condition will only go so far, but giving one-on-one attention and feedback is a sure path to progression much quicker for a graduate to learn all the processes you want them to take on board in their first year.

MasterChef is one of my favourite TV shows right now and I enjoy watching the journey of the humble ‘home cook’ to become a chef. This initial learning is fast tracked by mentoring in a few months which may have taken a lot longer having not had the opportunity to gain feedback and skills from coaches that have ‘been there and done that’ and want to see each contestant succeed.

We at PhysioMentor are no different, we want to create private practices that attract quality graduates to your business and then enhance them to be profitable, highly trained private practitioners that don’t want to leave because they are fulfilled with professional growth opportunities.

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