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Blog # 8 - Top Interview Questions for Hiring Graduates in Private Practice

Are you looking to hire a new employee to the team?

Thinking of hiring a graduate?

Perhaps you have put the feelers out to see what response you would get to a job advertisement and only graduates have responded.


Hiring the right person for the job is essential for your business. One bad hire and it can be detrimental to your revenue, reputation and staff morale. The tip is to plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to interview and pick the right person for the job. You want a worker that fits the job and the culture of your business, it is not ideal to try and fit a square peg into a round hole.

Most of us have a very informal approach to interviews with little to no structure, just a casual chat with a prospective candidate and gauge from there the potential for them to fit into your business.

Having a structured process can be vital for you to compare between candidates and source the information on their strengths and weakness, values and mindset towards business.

At Physiomentor we use a set of 11 questions to evaluate a candidates personality, clinical knowledge, business mindset and willingness to learn in a new environment.

Question 1

Tell me a bit about yourself - like where did you grow up?, what your parents do? etc.

Question 2

Why did you become a physiotherapist?

Question 3

Where do you want to be in your profession in 10 years time?

Question 4

Scenario - Role play situation to gauge clinical knowledge, business mindset, selling ability.

Question 5

What will you bring to this clinic? What are your strengths?

Question 6

What areas do you want to work in the most?

Question 7

What is your greatest fear as a graduate in private practice?

Question 8

If I were to ask your current or previous boss or placement tutor to tell me one thing you do that drives him crazy, what would he tell me?

Question 9

Describe the boss who would get the very best work from you?

Question 10

What will make you love coming to work here everyday?

Question 11

Is there any question, I haven't asked you or that you would like to ask me?

Bonus Question From A Graduate

One day I was blown away with this question from a graduate and needless to say it sealed the deal in regards to the job. This particular graduate asked:

How can I contribute to make this business better, what do you need?

In combination with this interview process, we advise that a candidate comes into the clinic for a half or full day to observe the workings of the clinic and current staff. I will make time for a one on one session for the graduate to perform some manual therapy techniques on me so I can get a feel for their current skills and abilities and what I have to work with.

This practical day in the clinic gives a very good indicator of a graduate's willingness to learn, initiative, motivation and abilities to take direction and feedback for future learning. At the end of this process I will often finalise the interview by discussing each candidate with current staff and getting them to rate their choice. The ability to work as a team and with your current staff is imperative.

There is many exceptional graduates currently searching for a job, it is a matter of you finding the right person for your job. Best of Luck!

FREE RESOURCE: access the FREE audio files Part 1 & 2 on 'Interview Questions for Private Practice Business Owners Hiring Graduates in Private Practice - Tips, Hints and What to Look for to Secure a Successful Graduate in Your Business.'

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