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Recruit Hub

Private Practice Owner Access 

Graduate Access upon Completion of the Student / Graduate to

Private Practitioner Course

Annual Access $220 (Incl. GST)


The Recruit Hub is a network connection between Physiomentor trained graduates  and the best physiotherapy private practices in the industry that have a proven, structured graduate development program in place and are looking to hire a graduate in their business.

We are NOT a recruitment agency.


What makes these graduates a great hire for private practice?

For a physiotherapy graduate to be profiled on the Recruit Hub, they must have successfully completed a Physiomentor Program.

This is a paid program initiated by a physiotherapy student, keen to start their career in a private practice setting.

By completing the program they have been equipped with the business and non- clinical skills that are essential for private practice and the essential skills graduates lack when starting in our private practices.

They have been trained in a business mindset in regards to customer service, selling, language and communication, creating a recurrent clientele and private practice business expectations.


How can I have access to the Recruit Hub to hire a Physiomentor trained graduate?

You will need to complete an online application to give us more detail about your clinic, the job on offer and your current graduate development training. See the link below to complete an application form.

We want to be sure we are giving these graduates the best start to their careers with businesses that value a graduate's learning and development.

If you do not a have a structured GDP, we can assist with this, just email us for more information at

How many graduates can I hire in the Recruit Hub?

Recruitment of physiotherapists is getting tougher every year. You should be recruiting all year round, every year, whether you need someone or not. When the right person comes along, you don't want to miss out.

We put your business and role in front of a captive, private practice trained graduate audience. This is unlike recruitment agencies or Seek.

You can hire as many as you like. No commission, no extra charges. Just your $220 annual access fee. 


At this stage in the physiotherapy profession, there is not a standard or clear pathway for graduates entering private practice and how they should be developed and trained.


We at Physiomentor would like to change that, by creating a minimum standard that all students wanting to step into private practice as a first job must have completed the Physiomentor Program and vice versa, private practices accepting graduates within their business are expected to provide a high standard of graduate development.


This standard will ensure both parties feel confident and ready to accept this new trend in our profession of graduates starting a career in private practice as their first job.


We want you to find the 'perfect graduate' that will fit into your business and we want our graduates to find the perfect first job to start their physiotherapy careers in private practice.


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