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Tailored 1:1 Mentoring


Physiomentor's One on One Mentoring Program is designed to provide clinical and business training for new graduates working in physiotherapy private practice so you as the business owner can get back to working on your business.

This program is catered to business owners who do not have the time to train their own graduates and would like a Physiomentor to take on this role for them. It is a 'Done-for-You' program the way you want your graduates trained for your business.

Instead of having to find and hire a senior physiotherapist to take on this role, you can have a Physiomentor deliver this service on a monthly basis and cancel at any time you are happy your graduate has transitioned successfully into a private practitioner.

Hiring a graduate on your team, does not mean you should have to compromise on revenue earning capacity. With authentic business knowledge and training, watch your graduate perform above expectations.



Tailored Graduate Mentor Program Structure


Practice Analysis


Discussions with your Physiomentor will analyse what clinical and business education is required to develop a profitable and skilled graduate in your business. This analysis aids the design of a tailored 12 month graduate development program for your business, performance appraisal goals and action steps to achieve these performance goals.


Development of a 12 Month Graduate Development Program (GDP) for Private Practice.


At Physiomentor, we design a tailored GDP for your business based on your practice analysis and on-site visit and your personal Physiomentor will take care of all of the training of your graduate. We develop and implement the program based on the important aspects you as a business owner would like trained in your graduate to fastrack their development as a private practitioner.

The program caters specifically to new graduate physiotherapists working in private practice and covers clinical knowledge (e.g conditions, clinical patterns, diagnosis, recovery timelines) and  business topics (e.g selling stock, how to create a recurrent clientele, how to limit cancellations, dealing with workcover).

All the work has been done for you!



On-site Practice Visit


Your Physiomentor will come to your practice and meet with you, the owner of the business, to design a tailored and structured graduate professional development program to suit your private practice. We will meet the graduate and assess their clinical skills and knowledge with supervised consults, we will set KPI indicators and see the general running of the business.



One- on- One Phone Mentoring


Your graduate will receive scheduled one- on- one personal mentoring phone calls during the month with an experienced Physiomentor to discuss and develop business and clinical skills essential for success in private practice.(I wish I had this when I was starting out).This keeps the graduate accountable for ongoing growth and achievement of KPI goals. This essential part of the program provides vital feedback and reassurance for a graduate in private practice that they have an experienced clinician to discuss caseloads and concerns with. This component of the program greatly improves confidence, productivity and profitability of your new graduate in private practice.



Graduate Focused Business & Clinical Tutorial Videos 


Graduate focused videos targeted at new graduate learning goals with an experienced physiotherapist on clinical topics (e.g. Shoulder Diagnosis Clinical Patterns & Recovery Times, Return to Work/ Sport Testing) and business topics (e.g. How to Sell Stock, How to Build a Recurrent Clientele).


Many graduates begin a new career in a private practice but are poorly equipped with the business skills to perform in a privatised model of care. With close consulting with you the business owner, the required training, supervision and motivation can be implemented to mould a graduate that is accountable for revenue making and delivering the highest standard of healthcare your business is known for.



Unlimited Email Support


You also receive unlimited e-mail support as part of the mentorship program. Emails will be answered by your personal mentor within 24 hours, Monday – Friday. We are available to improve your patient care and outcomes in many ways including;

  • Providing Evidenced Based, up to date rehabilitation protocols       

  • Exercise Programs designed for individual conditions.

  • Reviewing of GP/ Surgeon Letters

  • Work Cover/ Insurance Case Management

  • Electronic journals delivered to your email address in relation to your patient case load to strengthen your evidence base practice knowledge.



Member Only Access to Physiomentor Online Graduate Portal


This portal is a wealth of educational tools and resources targeted for new graduates. Many years of training new graduates in private practice has led to many valuable resources that will streamline your new graduate for success. Here you will be able to access:

  • Rehabilitation Protocols - for common post - op conditions and conservative management.

  • Exercise Sheets - for common conditions and injuries (we have done all the work for you, so you never have to draw another stick figure again. Feel free to put your practice logo on it).

  • Video Demonstrations

  • Podcasts & Audio Files

  • Business Strategies in Private Practice

  • Upcoming Courses aimed at graduates and business owners

  • And much more....


Regular Performance Appraisal & Key Performance Indicator Monitoring


Regular performance appraisals are vital for monitoring progress and development. Performance appraisals measure clinical knowledge and business key performance indicators. The key performance indicators will be decided upon by the practice owner and a Physiomentor.

The graduate must be willing to accept feedback on behalf of their Physiomentor and be able to honestly evaluate their strengths and weaknesses for career progression.


Monday Strategy Email 


The best way to start the week is with a clear goal in mind. These brief emails are designed to keep your new graduate motivated, feeling supported in a team and on track to meet KPI indicators for success in private practice.


'Ask Physiomentor' Video/Audio


At Physiomentor, we are dedicated to improving a graduate's performance in private practice but we realise that as a business owner you may have questions or issues that arise that you would like some guidance and best management approaches. We offer our community of private practice business owners the opportunity to email us any questions or challenges they are facing with their graduates in private practice and we will answer it for everyone. Not only do you get your questioned answered but you will hear what fellow colleagues are struggling with.


Exclusive Graduate Chat/ Community Group

Your graduate will have the opportunity to be part of the Physiomentor Graduate Community, this is an online area that will be available for graduates to chat with other graduates working in private practice.


No Long-Term Contracts or Commitments Required


The mentorship program is paid on a month by month basis, and you can cancel at any time.


Learning is an ongoing process and it is highly recommended – that you plan for at least several months if not 1 year of mentoring when you enter the program in order to give your graduate the best start and improve retention rates and productivity for the future.


If you are not happy in the first month with the mentorship program and do not feel it is a good fit for your practice or graduate than a 100% money back guarantee will be available.



We have limited one-on-one mentoring places available. Hit the button below to book a discovery session and see if you're the right fit!

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