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This digital package encompasses step-by-step essential non-clinical skills for graduate development in private practice. It includes 26 audio files, video presentations, downloadable templates and worksheets to upskill and fast track your graduate to thrive in a busy private practice.

Graduates lack a business mindset when they start a career in a privatised model of care.

The undergraduate curriculum has limited business exposure and therefore the majority of training is developed in a public health system model of care.

Private practice owners have voiced their concerns that graduates are not work-ready for a private practice model of care, and the areas they struggle in the most are:

  • Creating a recurrent clientele
  • Customer service
  • Language and communication
  • Patient perspective-taking
  • Sales and marketing

Currently there is no package on the market that aims to train these components to successfully transition a graduate into a private practitioner.

This digital package is designed to deliver the 4 business mindsets graduates need to develop in the early stages of their career and the expectations of working in a business model of care.

This is an ideal package to combine with your current clinical graduate development program and is a vital piece of training to develop a successful private practitioner for your business.

This digital package is an evergreen training system, an investment in a non-clinical development program for your graduate.

Considering graduates will be the available labour market of our profession in the future, this package brings peace of mind to a physiotherapy business owner; all the work has been done for you.


Additional Resource Available After Purchase:

If you are a private practice/business owner, we have a resource-only version of this digital package that contains all templates, slides, video and audio files.


If you are interested in the resource-only version, please email a request to upon purchasing this original digital package.

Non-Clinical Digital Package for Physiotherapy Graduates in Private Practice