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Graduate Learning Portal

Self Directed Learning

New Content Updates Each Month


12 Month Membership $715

or Pay per Month $71.50 (No lock in)

This portal is a wealth of educational tools and resources targeted for new graduates starting a career in private practice. Many years of training new graduates in private practice has lead to many valuable resources that will streamline your new graduate for success.


Physiomentor Graduate Learning Portal - Over 600+ Resources

Here you will be able to access:


  • Rehabilitation Protocols - for common post - op conditions and conservative management.


  • Business Principles for Private Practice - including dealing with Work Cover and Insurance Companies, How to Create a Recurrent Clientele, How to Sell stock etc.


  • Exercise Sheets - for common conditions and injuries (we have done all the work for you, so you never have to draw another stick figure again. Feel free to put your practice logo on it).


  • Video Demonstrations - taping/ strapping, clinical techniques, stock reviews and unique selling points.


  • Podcasts & Audio Files


  • Relevant Electronic Journal Articles - get the most up-to-date, relevant knowledge for private practitioners


  • Performance Appraisal & Key Performance Indicator-  monitoring templates for graduates.


Take a Look Inside the Graduate Learning Portal

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