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1 Day Student/ Graduate to Private Practitioner Course

8 Hour Face to Face Course or Virtual Course options

4 Hours Online Modules


275 / Student

Do you feel ready for private practice?
Are you already working in private practice? 


Completed course


Ready for Practice after course


Ready for Practice prior to course


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Most graduates have had little exposure to a physiotherapy private practice prior to graduation and majority do not feel ready for working in a private practice. Also, physiotherapy private practice owners are reluctant to hire graduates into their businesses as they also feel they are lacking in fundamental skills that are required to succeed in private practice.

These skills include:

- Creating a recurrent clientele and retaining clients to fulfil treatment and rehabilitation plans.

- Business skills to sell and market in a private practice.

- Streamlined clinical assessments for private practice.

- Time Management to survive in a busy environment.

- Customer service skills for business physiotherapy.

Do you want to fast track to being a private practitioner?

The industry of physiotherapy is changing and we are seeing more and more graduates stepping into a private practice role as their first job. It is a competitive job market to secure the ideal graduate position for the best start to your physiotherapy career. You need to have an edge over your fellow graduates that makes you stand out as a prospective private practitioner.

All graduates have a baseline level of knowledge and clinical skills, but it will be what you know for a private practice business that will make you thrive and succeed in the early stages of your career.

Learn the skills you need for private practice.


Learning Objectives

  • Develop the language and communication skillset for a private practice setting to build a clientele, create a recurrent caseload, discuss frequency of sessions, diagnosis and recovery timeframes with your patients.

  • Learn how to ethically sell stock and customer service skills for a private practice setting

  • Learn time management and prioritising hacks for surviving in a busy practice.

  • Learn KPI data and business knowledge for an appropriate mindset for success in a private physiotherapy business

  • The processes of dealing with Work Cover, 3rd Party Insurers, DVA, NDIS & CDM case load.

  • Learn about investigations - when is appropriate, how to order and what to order for private practice.

  • Understand a private practice owner’s expectations for graduates/ students in their business.


Physiotherapy Student Additional Learning:

  • Construct a Physiotherapy Focused Resume for Private Practice Employment 

  • Proficiency within an Interview Process for Private Practice Employment

  • Set up a profile on the  Physiomentor Recruit Hub

Bonus Inclusions

  • Feedback and Consultation with a Physiomentor via email to create a private practice resume

  • Ongoing access additional online learning modules to prepare for a private practice interview and resume.

  • Set up of a profile on our Physiomentor Recruit Hub 

  • Liason with a Physiomentor to discuss job offers and employment arrangements to get the best start to your career

  • Access to our online community of physiotherapy graduates, private practice owners and Physiomentors

Invest in your physiotherapy career.

Get private practice ready.

This course is for physiotherapy students, graduates or young physios already working or wanting to work in private practice.


The course will fast track and develop the skills you need to be a private practitioner. You will walk away with the knowledge that will make you an asset for private practice. You will have the necessary non clinical skills to be confident and prepared for private practice.

You will have the edge over your fellow graduates in the job market.


You will learn the skills that private practice owners want you to know now.


This will make you stand out from the many graduates applying for private practice positions and give you the choice of employers to start your career.

All graduates acquire similar clinical skills, but it is the business mindset for a physiotherapy private practice that will set you apart from the rest.

If you have already started in private practice and may be struggling to build a caseload or feel you are missing some skills for this role, then this is the course for you to fast track into a private practitioner.


​You will have a designated personal Physiomentor for ongoing support after the course to assist your journey in the early stages of your physiotherapy career.


You will also have access to an online community of like-minded physiotherapy students, private practice owners and Physiomentors.

Student Course Feedback

I found this course very insightful and gave me so much knowledge surrounding private practice physiotherapy. I feel I will be one step ahead of other graduates commencing their positions and will hit the ground running.

This course covered topics which have not been mentioned at University at all. The reality that working in private practice is so much more than just knowing your content became very evident, but was presented in such a helpful and motivating way. Melissa did a great job of sharing what it means to work for a business in the most helpful way possible, couldn't have been happier at the end of it.

Must do course for all graduate Physios transitioning to Private Practice.

It was an interactive, well-planned and a very beneficial course for anyone looking to work in private practice. It is like learning a whole new world away from what is the focus in University and teaches you valuable communication skills, differential diagnosis, streamlining sessions and time management tools. Mellissa is very helpful in answering questions and guiding you through important topics for private practice. Definitely recommend the course to anyone who studies physiotherapy!

Very valuable, the stuff they don't teach you at uni that you would absolutely want to know before starting work in private practice

I now have a better understanding about what to expect going into private practise and know what to look for before I sign a contract with a prospective employer. I learnt a few tips and tricks about how to provide each customer with a holistic experience and learnt some important information about how private practices operate.

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